Your Honey Do List Helper

Local to the Cortland/Tompkins County area of NY. I have been helping people do those chores around the home that seem daunting for just the homeowner to take on. We've all heard the term: "Many Hands Make Light Work". Well, now you no longer have to struggle trying to do it all alone. With my help, we can tackle those Honey Do List items like remodeling, landscaping, painting, and more.

I have a truck and trailer for moving what you need. A full-fledged WoodShop for custom building cabinets, etc. And after doing this kind of work for the past 25 years, I have all the tools and experience you need to get the job done. Takes 2 allows the homeowner to take pride in saying "Yes, I did this!. But sometimes it Takes 2 to get it done!"

So if your "Honey Do List" keeps getting bigger, give me a call, and let's work together to keep the other half content.
After all: "A happy wife = A happy life!"

I will be adding a tips and tricks section shortly. For now, I am going to begin with how to deal with scratched glass tiles. The scratches look terrible because they are white when your tiles are not. Go to Hobby Lobby, etc., and look for Sharpe markers of colors that closely match yours. Color in the scratches, let dry, then use an alcohol-based wipe for cleanup after allowing the ink ample time to dry. You will know the scratch is/was there, but your guests won't see it.

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